About Tucker

Tucker was a real cat!  He was a big, beautiful, gray and white British Shorthair, Scottish Fold mix.  He had double front paws - the most enormous paws of any cat on earth.  As a kitten, Tucker was a stray cat on the streets of Belfast, Maine, when he came into Sara's life.  

Tucker liked to eat, and chase toy mice, and sit in the cat tree.  He liked to travel, and see new places.  He very much liked to watch birds.  He liked to sleep next to Sara, and put his paws on her face.  He would purr very loud, like the motor of a car, when he sat in Sara's lap. 

Tucker became very ill with congestive heart failure in July, 2010.  He passed on in January, 2011.  He still visits Sara from time to time, and sleeps next to her.  And purrs.